Are you looking to start on your own hosting or web design business? Check out our services as we offer the greatest support available specializing in small and startup hosting and web design companies.

We can even manage your complete back office, on a white label basis*, while you focus on the tasks that you excel at. (Being on a “white label basis” means that your customer’s never find out that we support you.)[Move this to the bottom for a more details about “white label”. Or we can update the information to be more professional] Our company supports the following:

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Web Design

We will help you with the complete or partial development of your WordPress website and any WordPress troubleshooting that may arise. This means that you can sell high end quality web design services to your customers without any needed additional technical knowledge. Our web design services include:

  • Theme installation
  • Plugin installation
  • Design Enhancement


We can help you with the initial set up and continued management of your customer’s hosting accounts. This includes a 24/7 helpdesk for the resolution of any urgent problems at no additional cost . This means that you can run a high quality hosting company without worrying about the details of system administration. Our hosting services include:

  • Hosting package configuration
  • Hosting support
  • Hosting troubleshooting

Internet Promotion Support

A website needs promotion (social media, ads, etc) and SEO (search engine optimization) support to become viable in the everchanging webscape. These time consuming tasks can ultimately be a great source of extra revenue that can exceed your hosting and web design earnings.

We are able to support your customers by offering:

  • SEO
  • Social Media web promotion


Professional hosting and web design can costs thousands of dollars and that’s one of the biggest reasons why great entrepreneurs are apprehensive to start up a web design company.

Having little knowledge of hosting and web design, you might not have a clear idea if you can actually sell web design services, and you also have to invest thousands of dollars! This where we make it easy for you.

We have developed an amazing looking website that you can rent on a monthly basis! You can customize which functions you want to integrate on your website so that you have 100% control over your monthly expenses.

We even have another way to make it easier for you. When you purchase a minimum of $500.00 in monthly services, the website is free for every month that your exceed the minimum amount of $500.00.

Annual Domain Contact us for personalized pricing
Hosting Shared: $ Cloud:
Website (?) $15.00/ Monthly Fee
Domain Name Registration Contact for Options
Hosting Package Management(WHMCS)
24/7 Live Chat Support $20.00/?