Would you like to start making money right now?
You can easily start reselling with or without a subscription with our Web Design Resellers Club.

Reselling without a subscription

A subscription isn’t mandatory to be a member of the reseller’s club. The subscription service is here to help facilitate and accelerate your business.

We provide support on a per project or per task basis with our hourly or fixed rates.

Our hourly rates for users without a subscription are:

  • WordPress web design
  • Content writing
  • SEO
  • Internet Promotion

Contact us for our different packages and rates.

Subscription Benefits

Sales Website Set Up

While setting up the website for your business, we can provide you with the following services.

  • Annual domain name costs. Check out our great prices!
    • You can select your own domain name and easily connect it to our website.
  • Hosting (shared hosting S???, cloud hosting S???)
    • You have 2 hosting options for your website. Shared hosting is more affordable but a lot slower and cloud hosting is much faster but more expensive.
  • Website cost $15,00 per month
    • You can rent our hosting services starting at €10.00 per month.
    • Pay per month – $15,00 p/m – $30.00 one time set up cost
    • Pay per 3 months – $12.50 p/m – $20.00 one time set up cost
    • Pay per year – $10.00 p/m – no set up cost
Length of Services Pricing Cost per 12 months
Pay Per Month (no contract) $15,00/month with $30 set-up fee $210
Per Quarter Contract $12.50/month with $20 set-up fee $170 (20% Savings)
Per Year $10.00/month with $0 set-up fee $120 (40%+ Savings)
  • Domain Name Registration option $???
    • Your customers can search for available domain names on your website, purchase these domain names through your website and manage them on your website with their own user account.
    • You earn a commission for each purchase and renewal.
  • Hosting package management (WHMCS) $???
    • Your customers can purchase a hosting package on your website and gain access to their hosting website through their own user account on your website.
    • You earn a commission for each purchase and renewal.
  • Live chat support $20
    • Our live chat support service makes it easy for you to give support to your customers. Our agents will support your customers on white label basis. This means that you don’t have to answer your customers about technical questions. We will
      talk to them with our live chat support and solve their problems.