Our services

The Webdesign Resellerclub can provide you with a wide range of services. We have listed some of the services that we can provide you on this page. Please feel free to contact our customer support for further clarification or inquiries about our services.


Web design

Our web developers can support you with the development of amazing WordPress websites and e-commerce solutions. Our prices are very competitive and provide opportunities for great resale profit margins



Our reseller hosting services allow you to run a hosting business without needing any knowledge or prior experience. Our staff stands ready to support you and your customers, on white label basis, with any questions or problems which may arise.

Our support team can give you the peace of mind to confidently run your hosting business.


Content development

The content of a website are of course just as important as the graphics and the source code. A perfectly working website without good content will still be ineffective and that’s why we have great content developers who can help you with the development of content for your customers websites.

Content is a great way of upselling too. You can generate extra income and many customers need new blog articles every month or every couple of months.


Content Writing

Content writing is ofcourse one of the most important parts of setting up a successful website. And at the Web Design Resellerclub we have amazing content writers who can help you and your customers develop effective content for your website.

At the moment we offer content writing services for content in English, Dutch, Hindi, Tagalog and Visaya. We are also planning to provide content writing services in French, Spanish and German in the near future so please enquire about those options if you are in need of them.

The cost of writing great content depend on 2 factors:

  • The time it takes to do preparational research
  • The time it takes to write the content

Our hour rate for writing content is 7.50 USD per hour and you can contact our customer support team to get more information about the content writing services which we can offer you.

Please check out some sample files with content that we have written.


Internet promotion

Most web design customers, who purchase a website from you, will be interested in purchasing internet promotion services from you too. This is a great way to upsell your web design sales and earn extra money.

Our team is ready to support you and help you with the execution of seo and social media promotion.